Regulations at the state and local level can be conflicting and confusing to navigate. If you are looking to start a cannabis business, we have a step by step procedure to ensure your business is in compliance. Here is our step by step process:

  1. Local eligibility. Look to see if your city allows cannabis businesses to exist within its jurisdiction. If they do, what licenses do they allow?
  2. Business formation. Form your business entity by filing your business documents with the California Secretary of State, obtain your EIN number, and acquire the necessary permits and business licenses that you will need.
  3. Property. Securing a property for you cannabis business. Whether you will be buying a property or leasing a property, the contract in place must be diligently written and your property must be in compliance with the jurisdiction’s zoning requirements.
  4. Prepare Site and Facilities Plan. Consult with various third party agencies to ensure that the build out will comply with the local zoning and permitting regulations.
  5. Local Approval. For your cannabis business to be lawfully operating, you first need to ensure all of your local agencies have approved. This includes your Conditional Use Permits, Building Permits, Grading Permits and Operator Permits.
  6. State Licensing. Apply for your state licensing for either Cultivation, Manufacturing, Testing, Distribution, Retail or Microbusiness license.
  7. Maintain Permits and Licensing. Ensure you stay compliant with all of the local and state requirements to maintain your cannabis license.