Criminal Law & Expungement Records

If you have ever been convicted for a cannabis offense in California and are interested in expunging those offenses from your record, call The Cannabis Legal Group today!

Since the voters in California passed Proposition 64, the provision has allowed for persons convicted of cannabis offenses to be modified or expunged, depending on the circumstance. If you have been convicted of a cannabis offense that was a felony, The Cannabis Legal Group will petition the court to have those convictions be resentenced to misdemeanors.

The following felonies that can be resentenced to misdemeanors include:

  • 11360 H&S Sales of Marijuana
  • 11359 H&S Possession for Sales of Marijuana
  • 11358 H&S Cultivation of Marijuana

If you have suffered a cannabis possession or paraphernalia conviction, it is quite likely the record of that case can be permanently destroyed. Please call The Cannabis Legal Group to discuss your matter and we can help you determine your eligibility.